Who I am.

I am a grandpa who is tired of hearing about how Anglo-Saxon Christians should be apologizing and paying reparations to everyone who thinks their feelings were hurt at some time in the past or present.

I grew up on a farm in Alberta in the nineteen fifties and sixties. I didn’t fight in the crusades, put natives on reservations, conquer India or Africa, intern any Japanese or have any slaves. Maybe some other people with the same skin color did but I didn’t, so don’t ask me to apologize.

However, for purely political reasons, the French did throw our family out of Alsace Lorain in the early 1800′s and the Russians threw us out of Russia in the 1920′s. As soon as I get my check from either France or Russia I will be happy to give it to anyone who thinks I owe them something for what other people of my race or color did. Until I get my check don’t expect me to pay anyone else.

I am getting real tired of being told to apologize for every thing that other white Christians have done for the last few thousand years. I don’t even want to apologize for what other white Christians did last week. If I do something to someone I will make amends myself but I am not going to apologize for the wrong doings of everyone else who may have the same skin color as me.

Not only don’t I want to apologize to everyone else, I want to stop all governments in Canada and the USA from issuing apologies and cash settlements to everyone who believes my ancestors may have wronged them.