About Me


My Story

In November, 2014 I turned 66.  I woke up that morning feeling sore and listless and realized the problem was not just my age, but how I was living.

Here I was, 66 years old, 5′ 7″ tall and 271 pounds. I didn’t have diabetes yet but it likely wasn’t far away.

I was a real mess.

My energy level was so low every thing I did was hard.

I had to make some changes. This site chronicles the plan I came up with and the changes I made. The plan I came up with is not the best for everyone, but my plan and the changes I made are working for me.


My Plan

I have tried dieting many times and never had any long term success. I lost some weight at times but soon gained it back.

I also tried joining a gym but found I soon quit going and never did feel comfortable with the gym scene so decided a gym was not going to be part of my plan.

I decided to do things that interest me and that I like to do. This would get me active and the active lifestyle should make me feel better.

Weight loss was never a priority in my plan, if it happened that would be OK but I my goal was to feel better. However I have had better weight loss results with my plan than I ever had with dieting.

You can see my results on these pages or add your story and I will publish it.